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Principles of Biochemistry I (CHEM 4165)

Spring 2015—Spring 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2019

A study of the structures, properties, and functions of biological molecules, bioenergetics of biological reactions, and enzyme catalysis, with particular emphasis on the underlying chemical principles, including thermodynamics and kinetics.​

Special Topics in Chemistry: Nanobiochemistry (CHEM 4090/5090)

Fall 2017, Spring 2019

An exploration of new research advancements in the field of nanotechnology and the development of therapeutic and diagnostic tools and their characterization with an emphasis on the biomolecule RNA. The accompanying lab introduces essential laboratory techniques (PCR, in vitro transcription, gel electrophoresis, etc.) and nanoparticle assembly in relation to the scientific publication process.

Collaborative Research Proposal (NANO 8203)

Spring 2020-2024

Effective strategies for designing and writing research proposals. Students work in teams to prepare an original, interdisciplinary research proposal on a topic in nanoscale science. The proposal conforms to regulations of a selected funding agency and must address a topic that is supported by that agency. The course is designed to increase the ability of students to relate research ideas to fundamental concepts in science and engineering, to help students learn to develop effective methods of presenting ideas and defending them, to help students develop self confidence in their abilities to present and defend ideas, and to improve oral and written communication skills.

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