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(CHEM 4090) NanoBioChemistry

Beginning in 2017, Dr. Afonin and Dr. Striplin offer this course as an introduction and opportunity for students to get involved in cutting edge research. The class explores new research advancements in the field of nanotechnology and the development of therapeutic and diagnostic tools and their characterization with an emphasis on the biomolecule RNA. The accompanying lab introduces essential laboratory techniques (PCR, in vitro transcription, gel electrophoresis, etc.) and nanoparticle assembly in relation to the scientific publication process.

Nanobiochemistry Flyer (Spring 2019).PNG

The original curriculum for this course was published in the Journal of Chemical Education and can be found below. The Supporting Information contains all experimental protocols and sample assessments so that they can be effectively implemented at other institutions.

Activation of Split RNA Aptamers: Experiments Demonstrating the Enzymatic Synthesis of Short RNAs and Their Assembly As Observed by Fluorescent Response. Sajja S, Chandler M, Striplin CD, Afonin KA. Journal of Chemical Education, 95(10): 1861-1866, 2018.

DNA-Templated Synthesis of Fluorescent Silver NanoclustersChandler M, Shevchenko O, Striplin CD, Afonin KA. Journal of Chemical Education, 2020(doi: 10.1021/acs.jchemed.0c00158)

After learning the basics inspired independent investigation, the Fall 2017 group of NanoBioChemists successfully published their results in a peer-reviewed journal!

Broccoli Fluorets: Split Aptamers as a User-Friendly Fluorescent Toolkit for Dynamic RNA Nanotechnology. Chandler M, Lyalina T, Halman J, Rackley L, Lee L, Dang D, Ke W, Sajja S, Woods S, Acharya S, Baumgarten E, Christopher J, Elshalia E, Hrebien G, Kublank K, Saleh S, Stallings B, Tafere M, Striplin C, Afonin KA. Molecules, 2018. (doi: 10.3390/molecules23123178)

Nanobiochemistry Flyer
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