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Conferences Organized

ISRNN Webinar Conference (December 14 -17, 2021)

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ISRNN Webinar Series (July 29-30, 2020)

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Smart Materials Programmed to Operate in Living Systems (May 27-28, 2020)

Smart Materials Programmed to Operate in

Molecular and Cellular Immunology: from Basics to Applications in Preclinical Development of Nanotechnology-Formulated Drugs (August 5-15, 2019)

The Afonin Lab hosted Dr. Marina Dobrovolskaia (Head of Immunology, NCL) for a two-week workshop covering topics such as an in-depth review of cellular and molecular immunology, basic principles of immunotoxicology and the associated FDA regulatory requirements, preclinical characterization of nanomaterials, and practical applications of immunotoxicology profiles.

Cancer: A Discussion Series on its Biology and Targeting Strategies (March 5-7, 2018)

The Afonin Lab hosted Dr. Roger Chammas (Instituto do Câncer do Estado de São Paulo, Brazil) for a three-day cancer workshop to provide education and discussion about current clinical approaches to faculty, students, and researchers. Dr. Chammas gave a series of lectures, followed by discussions about new strategies and collaborative efforts.

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