Graduate and Post-Doctoral Researchers

Justin Halman

Nanoscale Science Ph.D. (2015-2020)

Sameer Sajja

Chemistry M.S. (2016-2019)


Current PositionHealth Data Analyst, Aqurate Health Data Management

Ridhima Juneja

Post-Doctoral Researcher (2017-2018)

Current PositionPost-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Pharmacy at University of Toronto

Anna Ivanina

Post-Doctoral Researcher (2015-2016)


Current PositionResearch Assistant Professor, Department of Biology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Kyle Roark

Chemistry M.S. (2015-2017)

Current PositionForensic Chemist, City of Columbia Police Department

Undergraduate Students

Morriah Striplin 

Computer Science (Software, Systems, and Networks Concentration) B.S. (2016-2020)


Current PositionProgrammer at Camelot 3PL Software

Dylan Dang

Biology B.S. (2017-2018)

Jared Dahl

Biology B.S. (2017)

Strahinja Talic

Honors Biology B.S., Chemistry B.A. (2016-2018)

Current PositionMedical Student at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Vaishu Jawahar

Biology B.S. (2015-2017)

Physiology M.S., Georgetown University

Current PositionHealth Policy Intern at United States Senate

Ram Jawahar

Biology B.S. (2015-2016)

Current PositionMedical Student at Ross University School of Medicine

Lauren Rackley

Biology B.S., Chemistry B.A. (2016-2018)


Current PositionMedical Technician in Molecular Pathology and Diagnostics at Atrium Health

Lauren Lee

Biology B.S. (2015-2018)


Current Position: Emergency Medical Technician

Steven Woods

Biology B.S. (2016-2017)


Current PositionClinic Operations Coordinator at Healthgram

Emily Satterwhite

Biology B.S. (2015-2017)


Current PositionPh.D. Student in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, East Carolina University

Jaclyn Smollett

Biology B.S. (2016-2017)

Current PositionDental Student at East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine

Kenya Joseph

Biology B.S. (2015-2017)


Current PositionEntrepreneur and Health Coach

International Students

Ekaterina Goncharova

Chemistry M.S. (2019)

ITMO University (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Tatiana Lyalina

Chemistry M.S. (2018)

ITMO University (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Shota Hanyu

M.D. (2016)

Kyoto University (Kyoto, Japan)