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The main lab area houses 12 lab benches fully equipped with individual pipette sets, heat blocks, vortex mixers, mini-centrifuges and exceptional drawer and shelf spaces. Along with the lab benches, this is where the ChemiDoc, Tecan Spark pate reader, Attune NxT cytometer, CFX96 touch system RT-PCR, Nanodrop 2000, Nanodrop 3300, Thermocylcers, meter, scales, pH meters, etc are located. 

Wet Lab


Sandra, Yelixza, and Dr. Afonin are preparing NANPs in the wet lab. 


Nicole is preparing the Chemi-Doc to visualize a native-PAGE gel. 


Jalen is using the the refrigerated centrifuge to precipitate his RNA samples.


Leyla is using the NanoDrop 2000 to quantify RNA. 


Dr. P is using the RT-PCR. 

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