The main lab area houses 12 lab benches each of which is fully equipped with a pipette set, heat block, vortex, centrifuge, drawer, and shelf space. Along with the lab benches, this is where the ChemiDoc, Tecan Spark pate reader, RT-PCR, Nanodrop 2000, Nanodrop 3300, Thermocylcers, meter, scales, and stir bars. 

Wet Lab


Sandra, Yelixza, and Dr. Afonin preparing NANPs in the wet lab. 


Nicole is preparing the Chemi-Doc to visualize a native-PAGE gel. 


Jalen using the the cold centrifuge to precipitate his RNA samples.


Leyla, using the NanoDrop 2000 to quantify RNA. 


Dr. P is using the RT-PCR.